VBS at Midway

Sorry you missed this year's VBS.  Look for pictures or Videos below.

2020 Theme info will be posted soon.

The Incredible Race: Exploring God’s Love for the Nations; 

will take kids on a race around the world as they discover what the Bible says about the nations. Children will race to South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America to explore different cultures and traditions around the world as they complete fun and exciting challenges.

Along the way, they’ll learn about the beginning of the human race with Adam and Eve. They’ll also discover that although the events at the Tower of Babel led to people groups with different cultures, languages, and physical features, we’re still all one race, the human race. They will understand that because we are all human and created in the image of God, we are all in need of the same Savior, Jesus Christ. The kids are challenged to treat others with love and respect, just as God reaches out to each people group with the free offer of salvation through his Son.

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